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Anti Virus Solutions
With viruses and spyware becoming so common and rampant on the internet these days that it’s started making headline news in our national papers it is imperative that you have some form of protection and backup plan to combat it.

We at Total Computers can help you put this plan into place without having to purchase any expensive software as there are many freeware programs out there that offer just as good a service and when set up in collaboration with each other sometimes offer better protection altogether.

We can help you to get into the routine of keeping your Pc updated and protected by setting up easy to use Anti-virus solution packages. We also offer a swift and thorough Anti-Virus/Spyware detection and removal service. Some of the biggest computer headaches are created by viruses. Some of the symptoms include:

Application not running
Slow computer
Missing files
Operating system not working

Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms then a thorough Anti-Virus/Spyware scan is recommended.




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